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wawwa: slide dissolve work, made for the art and mind festival 2006













wawwa is a very large work using 8 projectors and 648 slides, 12 screens in a box formation, the work concerns where we are in our bodies 'inside' or 'outside'. Exhibited at the City Church Wincheter for the Art and Mind Festival.  

WAWWA. 2006. With Arts Council Funding and linked with neuro-architects and scientists the work We Are Where We Are was developed for the Space, Architecture and the Mind conference March 2006, part of Art and Mind, The work, an examination of the architecture of the body, is projected by eight slide projectors onto a square of voile screens. The piece can be viewed from inside or outside the square. Through a sequence of slides, the various systems and component structures of the body come and go on a gigantic scale and walking figures come and go through the body forms created. Prints from the work were exhibited in the London Print Studio Gallery in 2006.



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