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slice, 2004. slide dissolve work, 162 slides on a jurney through the body, inspired by conversations with the neuro psychologist and writer Paul Broks. See his book into the silent land.











Slice. 2004. Is a slide dissolve work using two projectors that sit at opposite ends of a space projecting sequences of images onto three semi-translucent screens that lie between them. The projected slides rise from one-side and then dissolve into images rising from the other-side. The images start with one of the top of a head and image-by-image move through the whole body to the toes, in about 81 slides. The same happens in reverse working back to the head in another 81 slides. As the sequence develops changes happen, the images move from realistic representations to more abstract diffuse forms, the body seems to move picking it self up and colours change, from black and white to full ‘bloody’ colour.



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