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crazy diamond cave



begun in 2004 cave was only comleted in 2009 after the earlier work around here had been adjusted and exhibited to some success at 10 days at teh laundry.




























a four projector slide dissolve work. the images rise and fall while rotating clockwise
































above plan of crazy diamond cave, four projectors and cross over screen, images rotate from projector to projector around the screen on a slowly disolving cycle, first tested in 2010 at winchester school of art




crazy diamond cave. started 2004 completed 2010-11. a four-projector slide dissolve work lasting approximately 25 minutes. a projected line traces out a drawn image onto two intersecting perpendicular screens, 'cross like' if seen from above. each projector is set at the four points of the screens, about 2 meters out projecting at the end of the screen. the images are projected around this screen following a circle clockwise motion, one projector taking over slowly from the previous projector, the image from the fading projector lingers as the next image becomes brighter. the images take the viewer on a time-based journey through a series of linear spaces, quite wild in their appearance, a journey down a tunnel into new and unknown places.




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