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Books with articles in:-


'Visual Culture and Bioscience’ (Paperback) by Suzanne Anker (Editor), David Yager (Preface), JD Talasek (Foreword) Publisher: Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture, UMBC. ISBN: 978 1 890761 12 7


'Invisible Vision: Could Science learn from the Arts?’ Sabine E. Wildevuur, published by Bohn, Stafleu van Loghum. ISBN: 978 90 313 5105


'Art and Science’. Sian Ede, published by I.B.Tauris. ISBN: 1 85043 548 7


'Brain Wave' edited Herb Tarn Exit Art Publications ISBN: 0-913263-53-2


‘The Body Within: Art, Medicine And Visualization’ Author: Renee Van De Vall, Robert Zwijnenberg ISBN: 9004176217ISBN-13: 9789004176218 Publishing Date: Aug 2009 Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers Netherlands


‘Effetto Terra’ Ground Effect, curated by Maria Perosinowith a chapter on Magic Forest, text by Marina Wallace. Italy published by Johan & Levi, ISBN: 8860100518, includes work by Antony Gormley, etc

Environmental emergencies, genetic manipulation, artificial nature: more and more artists who are interested in dedicating their works to these issues in which alternate investigation, complaint, and Utopia project. With the efficiency and conciseness of its visual language, artists have in fact been able to not only be interpreters of issues that belong to the sensibilities of many, but to make tangible scenarios otherwise intangible. Issues and other matters that have a common origin: the conviction that any consideration of cosmetic nature can not take that boot from an ethical responsibility in respect of scientific research and technological developments and what consequences this behavior and the natural landscape in which we live. The scientific analysis of nature has also allowed the artists to dig into the dynamics of our environment, make it their own and thus be in a critical position, abandoning the "contemplation" of nature that had characterized his artistic production to the end of the IXX century. The book is constructed as an exhibition, consisting of thematic chapters that alternate through texts and images on this investigation and foreshadowing of the future. For each chapter, the images are accompanied by brief introductory texts and enriched by a small anthology of eyewitness accounts, which is a counterpoint to the voice of scientists, philosophers and art historians.

ARTISTS:Karl Blossfeldt, Dominique Laugh, Dario Ghibaudo, Gabriele Porta, Michele Dantini, Saverio Todaro, Claudia Losi, Annie Cattrell, Chris Drury, Andrew Carnie, Joan Fontcuberta, Ellen K. Levy, Maria Grazia Rosin, John Maeda, Takashi Amano, Carla Mattii, Katinka Matson, Debora Ligorio, Tomas Saraceno, Peter Greenaway, Armin Linke, Lucy e Jorge Orta, Antony Gormley.

AUTHORS Vilém Flusser, Luigi Luca Cavalli Sforza, Danilo Mainardi, Desmond Morris, Marina Wallace, Paul Ehrlich, Antonio Pascale, Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, Daniele del Giudice, David Buckland, Hans J. Schellenhuber.


‘Art + Science Now’. Stephen Wilson, published by Thames & Hudson ISBN: 9780500238684



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