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Home:11 City Road Winchester Hampshire SO23 8SD

Studio: Unit 15 38/40, Upper Clapton Rd, London.

Tel: Home: 01962 870757

Studio: 077 131 66025

Born: 8th January 1957 London


Stanley Picker Fellow, Kingston University, London.

Winchester School Of Art, Part Of Southampton University.

Worked at Winchester, from 1990. In 1996 became a .4Lecturer, Spinal Point 11, and Rising to spinal point 17, Lecturer B, on 1st October 2011. Taught foundation then Graphics for three years and now Lead Level One Fine Art.


2010 - 2011 Lecturer teaching Fine Art, Winchester School Of Art, two days a week + Work In The Studio, London.

2009 - 2010 Lecturer teaching Graphics, Winchester School Of Art, two days a week + Work In The Studio, London.

2008 - 2009 Lecturer teaching Graphics, Winchester School Of Art, three days a week + Work In The Studio, London.

2007 - 2008 Lecturer teaching Graphics, Winchester School Of Art, two days a week + Work In The Studio, London.

2004 - 2007 Lecturer teaching Foundation, Winchester School Of Art, two days a week + Work In The Studio, London.

1990 –2004 Teaching Two Days A Week As Visitibng Lecturer At Winchester School Of Art, Teaching Sculpture, Painting And Time-Based Work, + Work In The Studio, London.

1989 -1990 CWS Art Consultants, London, + Worked In The Studio, London.

1986 -1989 Institute Of Contemporary Art, + Worked In The Studio, London


1971-1975 Studied At The Lakes School, Windermere, Cumbria

1975 -1976 Studied At Warren Wilson College, North Carolina, USA. Studied Chemistry And Art. Travelled Widely In North And South America.

1976 -1976 Studied At Durham University, Zoology, And Psychology.

1979 -1982 Studied At Goldsmiths School Of Art, London. Completed With First Class Honours Degree In Fine Art.

1983 -1986 Master of Arts Completed At The Royal College Of Art, London.


1979- 1982 Ba. Completed With First Class Honours Degree In Fine Art Goldsmiths School Of Art, London.

1983- 1986 Master Of Arts In Painting, Completed At The Royal College Of Art, London.


1985 ‘Seeing Is Believing’, Carnie Chaple Gallery, London.

1987 ‘Vista’, Angela Flowers Gallery, London. ‘New Work’, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, London.

1988 ‘Projections’, Zanzibar Club, London. ‘Under Canvas’, Giray Gallery, London.

1990 ‘Mix’, Sommeratelier, Hanover, West Germany [Residency And One Person Show].

1991 ‘Travel’, Tram Studios, London.

1992 Winchester Art Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, [Catalogue].

1993 Bracknell Gallery, Southill Park, Bracknell.

‘Move On’, Plymouth Art Centre, Plymouth.

1994 ‘New Floor Sculpture’, Tram Depot Studios, London [July].

1995 ‘Walk-Walk’, Photographic Work, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [April].

‘Organic’, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [September].

1996 ‘Recover’, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [September].

1997 ‘Grand Tour’, Columbus, Georgia, Usa, [February]. ‘Passage’, Hidden Art Of Hackney, Hackney, [Nov To Dec].

1998 ‘Fit To Travel’, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [May, Part Of The Whitechaple Open].

1999 ‘Travelogue’, Fleming Gallery, Tasis, Thorpe, Surrey, [April To May]

2002 ‘Embark’, Millais Gallery, Southampton, [April To May].

2004 ‘451’, Winchester Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, [January].

‘'Complex Brain’, British Association Science Festival, Exeter, [September].

‘'Slices And Snapshots’, Stanley Picker Gallery, Kingston, London, [Oct-Nov].

2005 'Timeline', The Capitol, Horsham, Sussex, [June].

2006 ‘We Are Where We Are’, Art And Mind Festival, Winchester, [March].

2009 'Seized: Out of This World'. Art And Mind. Discovery Cnt, Winchester, [June].

2010 'Dendritic Form’, Gv Art, London


1978 Collingwood College Gallery, Durham.

1982 ‘Installation’, Degree Show, Goldsmiths, London.

1983 Charterhouse Gallery, London.

‘Young Blood’, Riverside Studio Gallery, London, [Mixed Show].

1984 Bluecoat Gallery, London, [Mixed Show].

1985 Carnie Chaple Gallery, London, [Two Person Show].

1986 The London Contemporary Art Fair, London, [Two Person Show In The Fair].

Degree Show, Royal College Of Art, London.

‘Drawings’, Artworks Gallery, Earls Court, London. Contemporary Art Society Exhibition, London.

1987 ‘Drawings’, Artworks Gallery, Earls Court, London.

Whitechapel Open, London.

‘'Art After Hours’, Limelight, London.

1988 Whitechapel Open, London.

The London Contemporary Art Fair, Islington, London.

Art After Hours, Zanzibar, London.

1989 John Moores 16 Exhibition, Liverpool.

Carnie Chaple Studio Show, London [Two Person Show].

'Recent Acquisitions', Unilever House, Blackfriars, London. Nov.

1990 Clara Maria Sels Gallery, Dusseldorf, West Germany.

'Art Work', Whitechapel At Broadgate, Exhibition, London [Oct].

1991 Tram Studios Exhibition, London, E5, [One Person Show In Studio Exhibition].

‘'Flotsam & Jetsam’, G10 Space, Tobacco Dock, Wapping, London.

1992 ‘Wits End’, Ikon Touring Exhibition, Birmingham. Tram Studios Exhibition, London, E5.

1993 'International Spring Fair', Nec Birmingham, [With Carlton International].

Continuation From January Of Southern Arts Touring Exhibition. [Bournemouth & Luton].

Continuation Of ‘Wits End’, Ikon Touring Exhibition, Birmingham, [Halesowen College Gallery, Halesowen, Solihull College Gallery, Birmingham].

Artists Book Fair, Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank Cnt, London. Tram Studios Exhibition, London, [June].

1994 5th Mostyn Open Show, Oriel Mostyn Gallery, Llandudno, Wales.

Produced Set, For Come In The Waters Lovely, Performed By The Idc Dance Company At South Bank Centre, London.[South Bank Funded].

Whitechapel Open Exhibition, Whitechapel Gallery, London, [6 May -26 June].

‘Clutch’, Work Made For Feeringbury V, Feering, Colchester, Essex, [May]

Whitechapel Open Studio Exhibition, London, [May]. ‘Twins’, Photographic Work Made For Exhibition Space, Tram Depot Gallery, [July].

‘A Cut Edge’, Assembly Rooms, London, Hackney Arts Festival, [3 Person Show, July].

1997 Hidden Art Of Hackney, Tram Depot Gallery, London, [Nov To Dec].

1998 ‘Plasticity’, The Pear Room, Hecklington, Lincolnshire, [January ].

‘Biochemistry’, Sun And Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London, [4 Person Show, Feb To April].

‘Food’, Sun And Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London, [8 Person Show, July To Sept].

‘Music’, Small Is Beautiful Part Xv1, Flowers East, London, [December].

‘Small Works’, Colville Place Gallery For Digital Art, London, W1, [December].

1999 ‘Summer Show’, Sun And Doves Gallery, Camberwell, London, [June To August].

Hackney Autumn Festival, Round Chaple, Hackney, London, [Sept]. ‘Millennium’,

'Small Is Beautiful Part Xv11', Flowers East, London, [December].

‘Import/Export’, Virgin Building, Heathrow Airport, [2 Person Show, Dec To March 2000].

2000 ‘Art And Architecture’, British Airways, Headquarters, Waterside, London, [April].

‘Cargo’, British Airways, Heathrow Airport, London, [April].

‘Departures’, Virgin Terminal 3, Heathrow Airport, London, [April].

‘Compass’, British Airways, Heathrow Airport, London, [April]. ‘

Journeys’, Pearson Group Headquarters, [Longmans Publishing], Wokingham, [May].

Art For Offices Gallery, Dock Street, London, [May].

‘Urban Shores’, Installation, Dash Gallery, Tower Hamlets, London, [July].

Smith Klein Beecham, Headquarters, London. [June].

‘New Technology’, Cable And Wireless Headquarters, Holborn,London, [Sept To Dec].

‘Self Portrait’, Small Is Beautiful, Flowers East, London, [December].

2001 Joining In’, Winchester Art Gallery, Winchester, Hampshire, [Feb, Catalogue].

‘Silent Motion’, [Muybridge], Kingston University, Kingston, London, [May, 6 Page Review In Artists Rev]

‘Joining In’, The Centre, Slough.

‘Sculpture In The Park’, Mile End Park, London [ June To Oct].

‘Silent Motion’, Colville Place Gallery, London, [June, Catalogue].

2002 ‘Head On’, Science Museum, With The Wellcome Trust, London, [May To August, Catalogue].

‘Alight’, Royal Victoria Dock, London. [April]. ‘Hygiene’, London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine, London, [May, Catalogue].

‘Sortie’, Prudential Head Quarters, London, [June]. ‘Frankfurt Art Fair’, [With Colville Place Gallery, London], Frankfurt, Germany, [May].

‘Alight Exhibition’, Stratford Circus Space, Stratford London, [June].

‘Disperse’, Amnesty International Headquarters, London. [Nov]. 2003

‘Static’, Gallery ‘Tent’, Rotterdam, [Jan-Feb, Part Of IFFR, International Film Festival Rotterdam]

‘Drawing With Light’, Kingston University, London, [Jan-Feb].

‘Drawing The Process, [Touring Show, Loughborough University Gallery, Birmingham City Art Gallery, The Chapel Gallery, St Helens, The Hot Bath Gallery, Bath, The Clifford Fisher Gallery, Exeter].

Plan Art, Baker And Mckenzie, London.[March].

‘Mensbeeld’, Natuurmuseum, Rotterdam, [Oct 2003].

Sculptures In The Outback, Reveries Gallery, Maiden Gully, Australia, [Oct 2003].

2004 ‘Mensbeeld’, Natuurmuseum, Rotterdam, [-April 2004].

‘Self-Ish’, Scicult Gallery, London, [March-April]. Forthcoming Shows

‘Spreading Arbor’, British Association Festival Of Science, Exeter, [Sept].

‘Spreading Arbor’, Kings College, London, [Nov]. ‘Slices And Snapshots’, Stanley Picker Gallery, London, [Oct-Nov].

2005 ‘Genes And Genius’, Mendel Museum, (Abbey Of St Thomas), Brno, Czech.

2006 'Neuroculture’, Wesport Art Centre, Connecticut, USA, [April-May]. Curated by Suzanne Anker & Giovanni Frazzetto

Screening Of Magic Forest, Esof, Munich, Gemany,[Oct].

2007 'Eye Of The Beholder', Philocettes, Multi Disceplinary Cnt For The Imagination, 247 East 82 Nd Street New York, Usa, [April- June]

Completed Production Of Work “Magic Forest’ For The Permanent Galleries At The Wellcome Trust

2008 'Brain Waves', Exit Art, New York, USA, [Feb- May]. Chocs Away, The Yard, Winchester, [May].

2009 'Invisible World'. National Medical Museum / Norwegain Museum For Science And Technology, Oslo,Norway [Jan - Feb].

'Anthology'. Winchester Gallery,[May]. 10 Days At The Laundry,[June].

'Invisible World', Norwegan Museum Of Science And Technology, [Screening Of Magic Forest Images], [Jan]

2010 ‘Landscapes Of The Mind’, Williams College Museum Of Art, Williamstown, USA. Currated by Katherine Price

'Experiments', Gv Art, London

'Brainstorms', Gv Art, London

'Altered States’, Waterside Gallery, Manchester

'Festival Key Of Life: The Body & The Brain’, Leiden, Holland

'Mind Sets’, Montpellier Art Centre, Laurel, USA

2011 'Coming of Age', Great North Museum, Newcastle, [Jan -March] Currated by Lucy Jenkins

'Mind Sets’, The Living Learning Center Gallery, The University of Vermont, Vermont

'Kinetica', P3 Westminster University, London


Winchester School Of Art, Foundation Course, Winchester, [Teach Sculpture, Painting, & Time-Based, 2 Days A Week Through 1991 To 2002 ].

Winchester School Of Art, Textiles Art Course, Ba Level, Winchester.

Goldsmiths School Of Art, London, [Teaching Days].

Lewisham Adult Education, Mornington Centre, Lewisham. [Foundation Sculpture Course]

Whitechapel Open, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, [Gallery Talk].

Kingston University, London, [Teaching Days]. Bulmershe College, Reading, [Lecture]. Michael Craig Martin, Whitechapel Art Gallery, London, [Gallery Talk].

Tate Gallery Discussions, London. Academy Book Talks, London.

Camden Art Centre, London, [Ran Workshops].

School Workshops, [All Age Groups, Primary To Sixth Form, Buckingham, Milton Keynes, Reading, Etc.].

Talk 'The Grand Tour', For Transferring The Meaning, Sbtes, Clore Auditorium, Tate Gallery, London. Workshops,

Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, Usa.

Talk ‘Tour’, Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, Usa.

‘Travelogue’, Winchester School Of Art, 1998.

‘Travelogue’, Tasis American College, Farnham, Surrey, 1999. ‘Head On’,

Workshop, Wellcome Trust, Euston Road, London, 2001.

‘Embark’, Southampton Institute, Southampton, 2002. ‘Head On’, Science Museum, London, 2002.

Observer On Sunday, Scientists And Artists Must Rub Shoulders, Arts Review, 17 March 2002, The Observer Review. ‘Between Science And Art’.

BBC World Service. "Via Libre". Science Links, Radio Program. Magic Forest, Reviewed In Nature.

‘Art, Creativity, Science And Madness’, Naked Science, Science Museum, London, May 2002

‘Tour’, Talk At Millais Gallery, Southampton, [May, 2002]. ‘Gallery Go’ Talk, Southampton Institute, Southampton, [May, 2002].

‘Present Travels’, Prudential, London, [August, 2002]. ‘451’, Gallery Go Talk, Winchester Gallery, Winchester, [Jan 2004].

‘Exciting Drawing, The Work Of Santiago Ramon Y Cahal’, Kingston University, London, [Jan 2004].

‘Slices And Snapshots’, Kingston University, London, [Jan 2004].

‘'Slices And Snapshots' with Richard wingate Kinetica, P3 Westminster University, London


Essex County Council Libraries, Essex.

Chase Manhattan Bank, London.

Unilever, London. Kaempher Corporation, Washington Dc, Usa.

Coopers And Lybrand, London.

Merrick Finch, Munich, West Germany.

Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, Usa.

Tasis American College, Farnham, Surrey.

Prudential Collection, Prudential Head Office, London.

Winchester School Of Art, Artists Books Collection, Winchester, Hants.


Honorarium, Columbus State University, Columbus, Georgia, USA.

Faculty Of Art Award Southampton University, 1998.

Honorarium ,Tasis American College, Farnham, Surrey.

Faculty Of Art Award Southampton University, 2000.

New College Research Support Award, Southampton University, 2002.

AHRB/AHRC Award, For Scientific Collaboration For Head On, 2001.

‘Medecine In Society’,Wellcome Trust Grant, Welcome Trust, London, 2002.

Stanley Picker Fellowship, Kingston University, London.

Arts Council Award for Slices and Snapshots

Arts Council Award for We Are Where We Are

Arts Council Award for Seized Out of this World

Calouste Gulbenkian Award for Heart Transplant Project

Arts Council and Wellcome Trust award for Fray, Coming Away at the Ends


No Limits, Arts Group, London. Exhibitions: Urban Shores, Dash Gallery, London: Alight, Royal Victoria Dock.

Ran Tram Depot Gallery, Hackney, London, 1994-1997.

Ran Carnie Chaple Gallery, 1986 To 1987.

CSW Art Consultants Organising A Touring Art Service For Greater. London Arts, London ,1989-1990.

Worked For The Institute Of Contemporary Art, Installing Exhibitions, London.

Worked For Installations International, Installing Exhibitions, London.


Andrew Carnie. 5 Powell Road.Clapton. London. E5 8dj. Tel- 020 8 986 8033 E-Mail Andrewcarnie@Tram.Ndo.Co.Uk


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