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an open heart, is an ongoing project based on work of the toronto general heart transplant team, with heather ross, in charge and the pith, process of incorporating the heart team jennifer poole, susan abbey, oliver mauthner, enza de luca, patricia mckeever, margrit shildrick , and sarah greenwood the first stage for me is completed, now awaiting the result of a further application. working with the artists alexa wright, ingid bachman, and catherine richards.

well we are waiting no longer we are onto the secound stage with a quite hefty award, $186,000 over three years. from the SSHRC fund in canada. work on the project will continue for the next three years, starting march 2011


see devloping new work 'a change of heart' here.

see recent 'hybrid bodies exhibition' here

see 'hybrid bodies web site' here




so far I have three areas of interest:-

process of stitching fascination with the drawings produced by medical illustrators for surgeons, the line drawings show the complex stitching that is required in these difficult procedures to join the heart into the body weaving together of the bodies, the intimacy in knitting together

borders the sense that the recipient is a unique and separate, like to explore the idea of change and un-controlled boundaries, moving from one state to another

character transition every organ is original formed in a complex relation with the owner, this is an intimate and subtle ownership, not only this but it also contains the donors DNA what happens when this organ is moved to a new body. are there changes to the new recipient, does it create cravings for particular proteins








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